Walk Through #2
Kids love Animals as Animals love Kids
Edition 93
by Maria Giulia Pieroni @LaPieroni_

An incredible friendship, based on mutual love.
It is about sharing, being curious, and playing. It is about the intuitive connection sparked by growing and experiencing together. 
A bond celebrated with a fun wardrobe and lively accessories.
1. On their shoulders, Affenzahn
2. All-over prints , Big Little Ones
3. Directly from the sea depths, Dear Sophie
4. Playful Ebulobo
5. In any form and shape, EMC Everything Must Change
6. Warm hugs , Emmè Baby Organic Lab
7. Sometimes, a little "monstrous", Maximo
8. In the sun or in the rain, Mr Tiggle
9. “My spirit animal is…” different, each day of the week, Pamboo
10. Must-have: a rocking chair made of wood, PLANTOYS
11. Exploring the animals of the world, Poppik
12. A sophisticated look, Upa