The journey into the geography of Pitti Bimbo
Big names and iconic brands reinterpret styles and trends from adult fashion.
— Classic yet contemporary proposals that reflect established aesthetic canons.
Smart Kids
The urban world, in all its declinations, is expressed through experimentations and crossovers between styles and genres.
— Streetstyle, high tech, sportswear, outdoor, and indoor mix to elaborate a different culture that is not afraid of the new…
The Kid's Lab!
A laboratory for discovering the most experimental kids' collections and lifestyle proposals.
— Unexpected, committed, light years away from the mainstream, the offerings of "The Kid's Lab!" are a kaleidoscope of ideas…
Niche, elegant, exclusive, and naturally playful collections that bring tailoring within reach of children.
— A special island within the kidswear archipelago, this is the place to "spot" collections with unique features, biodiversity…
The Nest
Small brands ready to grow, and realities from all over the world to discover.
— Thinking of kids immediately sparks creativity.
— A totally new feature for Pitti Bimbo, the section dedicated to the world of furry friends makes its debut.