The journey into the geography of Pitti Bimbo
Pitti Bimbo
The designer labels and the iconic brands of the kid’s world
— Showcasing a high concentration of collections designed by adult fashion brands and stylists, together with iconic childrenswear brands and the tradition of Made in Italy companies.
Sport Generation
Giving a voice to the dynamism of active brands
— A space for the big sportswear and activewear brands.
100% urban inclination
— A colorful planet that illustrates the denim universe and the street inclination of junior and teen clothing.
The kidswear concept lab
— A unique platform created to welcome the most innovative brands and the most experimental collections.
The Nest
When small equals beautiful
— Budding names to keep an eye on, promising new labels to be discovered.
Authentic green heart
— This is the section with a green heart by definition, born long before sustainability became a trend.
Sophisticated and exclusive collections on stage
— A sophisticated “home” with fairy tale features designed to welcome a unique selection of brands with a sartorial vocation.
Fancy Room
Micro to macro lifestyles
— There is much more to be found beyond the wardrobe and it’s a world of design, furnishings, accessories.