Edition 96
Iconic kidswear brands and designer labels: a focus on must-have collections and unmissable names to build the ideal wardrobe, integrating styles, trends, and great classics
Bon ton, luxury, sporty, urban... The kids' wardrobe blends different styles, adult fashion trends, and unmissable great classics. This is why we have designed a section that offers a view of a vast panorama of collections expressing the different souls of kidswear. Here is a focus featuring big and iconic brands that have always been committed to catering for children. From outfits for newborns and cots to teenagers with more versatile needs. From formal clothing, with a classic or contemporary cut, to activewear for school and free time. From Mini-Me styles to street influences. The brands of "100% Bambino" are the starting point in creating the ideal wardrobe, which brings together children and parents, combines style and practicality and responds more and more to the demands of eco-sustainable fashion.