WALK THROUGH 4: by Veronica Ziani - Style Piccoli
Edition 92
"A dream is a wish your heart makes," and they are about freedom and a pinch of magic. After a year of limitations to our daily life, dreaming remains the only certainty for a better future.
There are no rules when it comes to children's dreams: there are those who think about who they want to be when they grow up, those who think about which games to play or which book to read with their mother. There is only their imagination, which children will use to build the world they dream of.
The lightness of a tulle dress that flies free in the sky like a swallow. A sustainable and responsible collection to protect the little ones' dreams.
"Ex libris" is the inspiration for this collection made with natural fabrics and dyes. For little readers ready to bring new dreams to life.
For every single thing "I would like to be when I grow up," there is a costume to be it already.
Waterproof boots to have fun even on rainy days and continue climbing trees like real explorers looking for an adventure.
"La Strada" is the Fellini-inspired title of this collection, which is a dedication to street art resistance. An invitation not to stop dreaming despite the difficulties.
A color chart to dream of the next trip.
The charm of an old-time coat and a giraffe sewn on the pocket take the imagination beyond the wardrobe that separates reality from the dreamy world of Narnia.
Small accessories to hold sketches, drawings, lucky charms. All infused  with colors, liveliness, and respect for the environment.
Hand-crafted silk and wool garments for little witches who live in colorful carriages, creating potions land looking for surprising discoveries.
Glimmers of color cut through gray hues, in this collection that reminds us that dreams can bring about a bit of spring, even on the darkest winter afternoons.
Veronica Ziani
I've been writing since I learned the alphabet, and I have dreamed of being a stylist since the day I browsed through the pages of Vogue Italia for the first time. Since then, my everyday life has been made up of words and images: I collaborate as an assistant and stylist with the Style Piccoli magazine. I entered the magical world of children by chance, but it has been essential in reminding me to believe in my dreams, as only children can.