WALK THROUGH 6 by Maria Giulia Pieroni
Edition 92
Pantone YELLOW.
Positivity, cheerfulness, joy, and lightheartedness: it is the color of the sun; it radiates rays of happiness and optimism. The 'Illuminating' yellow - as the Pantone Color Institute calls it - wants to represent the light of hope, to be the color of joy and levity.

For next autumn, we are all aiming for beauty and for it to be an aesthetic beauty that reverberates in the soul. Here are the wardrobe pieces that help lighten up the spirit and bring a new glow.

Maria Giulia Pieroni - @LaPieroni_

Fashion and lifestyle journalist, curious, explorer. Passionate about accessories, she often wears something on her head.
She collaborates with Pitti Immagine, a series of brands and magazines, such as F Magazine and IODonna, and she teaches in a fashion school ...
She likes the world of adults but prefers the children's one.