WALK THROUGH: Elle kids by Valentina Pederzini
Edition 92
An easy style, warm and eco-friendly fabrics. Respect for nature is a common thread, and sustainability a life choice. Designed for an increasingly green future.
Selected yarns, exclusive and natural fabrics. Three friends, a hug, and that's it!
An animal print dress, a scarf tied on the head, and a funny face. The right mix between couture and everyday life.
Enjoy a healthy and tasty snack in the company of many little friends from the forest. A fox, an owl, and a ladybug peep out among plates and glasses produced ethically and ecologically.
The practicality of a stretch and soft jeans combined with the simplicity of a white t-shirt. Nothing better than going wild in total freedom.
An energetic and avant-garde look, featuring the patchwork pullover in a mix of natural fibers and irresistible colors.
British style and country roots translate fashion and practicality. A must-have is the waxed jacket, perfect when paired with flowers or the inevitable checked wool shirt.
A walk in the woods without disturbing anyone? There's nothing better than wearing a sweatshirt featuring a print portraying all its inhabitants.
For real adventure lovers, the timeless Chelsea boots! Round toe, side elastic band, and wild run-proof soles.
For girls who want to be trendy and love animals, there's nothing better than these shoes with the face of a kitten to always carry with you.
An ethical and aesthetic challenge, with the hat in thermoregulating, rainproof, and windproof material ... And what about the teddy bear ears giving that absolutely irresistible extra touch?
Valentina Pederzini
Valentina Pederzini is a long-time fashion journalist with a passion for children. She takes sustainability very seriously and she manages to interpret in a very playful way the children's wardrobe.