In conversation with Dimitra Zavakou
Fashion Curator of THE NEST
Edition 98
A pioneer in introducing sustainable brands in Berlin, Amsterdam, Cologne, Brussels, Florence, and Athens, Dimitra Zavakou's goal as a Fashion Curator and Consultant with her Little Popup has always been to foster positive change artistically. Anticipating sustainability as a key issue, she consistently introduced slow fashion brands into the market through exhibitions, pop-up stores, fashion events, and as a sales agent. Since 2016, she has curated The Nest at Pitti Bimbo, showcasing new emerging brands through international talent scouting.
What qualities must a brand possess to stand out in today's childrenswear market?
Given the current global situation, offering "value for money" collections is one of the most crucial aspects. We need garments that last longer, can be recycled or passed on to multiple children, and are accessible. With fast fashion around the corner, prices have dropped dramatically, shifting focus from quality to cost as a more significant factor. However, we must change this consumption behavior and learn to buy fewer, better products that last longer.
What were the selection criteria for this edition of The Nest?
As always, we consider a brand's sustainability, craftsmanship, new materials, innovation, and above all, timelessness and fit. Additionally, we like to feature brands from around the world that showcase diverse cultures and heritages in their collections! 
What are the three macro trends for the upcoming season?
Sustainability, minimalism, and comfort. These can be achieved using more eco-conscious and hypoallergenic fabrics and simple design.
Were there any unexpected trends or surprises you encountered during your discovery journey?
The athleisure style. This trend has become very popular, and it surprised me.