Cocoon: a desire for warmth from head to toe, not overlooking sustainability.
Edition 98
Walk Through by Maria Giulia Pieroni @LaPieroni_
The culture of sustainability, slow living, and attention to nature continues to spread and increases among the fashion collections for the little ones: they are and will be the first champions of our Earth.

With an increasingly informed and aware world, demanding parents with refined tastes, brands continue to innovate and invest in new ideas aimed at offering fashion with a zero impact, responsible but not neglecting the aesthetic side.

Collections that inspire a sustainable lifestyle, promoting attention to nature, moving away from the concept of "waste" in favor of "long life". Adjustable bodysuits  that fit from the first days to the first years of life, "gender-neutral" garments intended for all, Upcycling integrated in the creative process, etc.

Among the collections for the upcoming 24-25 season, we find a harmony of styles that combine vintage touches with a more modern and timeless design, creating a sought-after fashion that is at the same time relaxed.
Grandpa's cardigan in a modern version, ARLU KIDSWEAR
Ready for the harvest, but with style, CONDOR
Warm family hugs, HANEVILD
The bodysuit that grows with the child, KALUMI
Small ways to play with imagination, L'ORSOBRUNO
Vibrant colors, LIGNE NOIR ENFANT
Playful elegance, MAMA'S FEET
Functionality and design, OLANDINO
A harmony between the colors of the earth and the cold and elegant winter skies, TETOI-VIENNA
Symphony of warm colors and softness, WOOLY ORGANIC