Molo presents
Dj JJ Vannelli to grace the stage at Pitti Bimbo
Edition 98
Place of the event
Stand H/6-8 del Padiglione Centrale
Date of the event
17.01.2024 15:00
The renowned danish kidswear brand Molo, celebrated for its vibrant and playful designs, is thrilled to announce a musical spectacle at Pitti Bimbo in January 2024.

In homage to play as a universal expression of life, Molo's Autumn Winter 2024 collection is dedicated to the theme WORLD PLAY. To mark this collection, Molo has joined forces with JJ Vannelli, an 8-year-old from Italy and one of the world's youngest DJs. He will bring his unique blend of beats and fresh tunes to Pitti Bimbo, capturing the essence of the collection.

From the latest trends in kids' fashion to the beats that make them move, Molo is committed to creating an unforgettable experience for all participants to the fair.

Born into a DJ family, JJ is the artistic offspring of JOE T VANNELLI, one of the leading figures in the global house music scene, and the two elder brothers, Davide and Andrea Vannelli, are professional DJs (known as the "Vannelli Bros"). JJ represents the new generation of DJ Kids: a phenomenon rapidly growing in the global dance scene.
With a profound passion for music, JJ's natural ease with the DJ console has inspired him to learn how to mix with the purity and simplicity of a music-loving child. His favorite genres include funky and soul, electronic music inspired by Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers, as well as iconic pop tunes ranging from Queen and Michael Jackson to the hits of the '80s.