On my PittiWay! 
by Paul&Paula
Edition 96
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Hi children! I must have taken a wrong turn and ended up at the wrong station. Can you send me in the right direction please? I am late.
We are happy to help you because we are going to the same place. 
What a coincidence! Now I can be sure to arrive at the correct station. And I am happy to have some company on my way.
Yes, let’s have some fun on our way. We are already pretty excited because we are going to our rehearsal for the big fashion show that we will participate in tomorrow.
Oh, that does indeed sound exciting. I suppose we're all on our way to Pitti Bimbo now.
Yes, we are! Now, let’s get going because we do not want to be late. We need to walk up to the big roundabout, and then we will take the first street on the right.
Just when we turned into the street, we were all met by hundreds of plush toys. What a sight. We were standing right in front of the JellyCat store. Filled with toy versions of fruits, vegetables, and the softest animals. Of course, we had to go in and say hello to these heartwarming characters.
We continued to go straight until we reached the next big street. An avenue, actually. At the corner, we had to cross and keep left to continue our journey.
Until I saw a store selling beautiful swimsuits for children called Suncracy, which reminded me of our upcoming beach holiday. The children surely have outgrown their swimsuits, and in the window it says that they use Ecowave fabrics that are knitted from premium recycled yarns recovered from plastic bottles and garbage from the Mediterranean Sea. High five!
Across from this shop, we spotted Izipizi, colourful and trendy glasses for the whole family and all kinds of activities. I am sure I can find the perfect pairs to match the new swimsuits with their hip frames and bright colours.
As we continue our walk to Fashion Station, the kids tell me about their shoes for the show. Pom D'Api is a French brand that is both stylish and comfortable, and I've heard that the new collection is also quite enjoyable. The kids won't tell me too much because I'll find out tomorrow at the show. They also have a shop here, but we need to hurry and it would be too far of a detour. I'm thinking about stopping after the fair because the kids seem to really like these shoes.
Pom D'Api
We are just about to arrive at the station when I spot a shop with a fun name: AO76. This looks great for teenagers. Quality fabrics, trendy and original colour combinations, textures, and prints. And it all comes in an easy-to-wear style. By the way, AO stands for American Outfitters, but the brand originates from Belgium.
Just on time and with plenty of shopping bags in all colours of the rainbow, I arrived, and the children ran off hastily for their rehearsal. Phew…. 
Fashion Station was in front of me, beautifully dressed for the upcoming Pitti Bimbo. And when I was just about to go through the gates, dreaming of putting down the bags and sitting down for a little espresso, I spotted the divine universe of Dolce&Gabbana with tailored pieces and eclectic designs, paired with luxe streetwear and signature floral-printed pieces. The perfect way to end my shopping spree!