On my PittiWay! 
by Paul&Paula
Edition 96
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Excuse me, Sir! 
Please, I need your help! Can you tell me how to get to the station?
I am happy to assist. Which station are you looking for?
Fashion Station! There is an event, and on my way, I need to find some outfits for my children too. My youngest likes romantic looks, and my tween boy loves his sporty clothes that need to be uber comfortable. I guess it will have to be more than one shop. Can you help me, please?
Yes, I can. But it is a little walk from here. Hopefully you are not in too much of a hurry.
Thank you so much!
That is good to know. By the way, I also need some gifts. If you happen to know a great place on the way, please let me know.
I see. In that case, a slight detour may be necessary but worthwhile.
Perfect. You are so helpful. Thank you very much.
Now, take the first street to the left, and you will see a blue building. This should be your first stop; it is the home of PIGEON ORGANICS, a very stylish and responsible brand for little people. You will find some great basics that are all made from 100% organic cotton. Once you are ready to continue, I think it is easiest to ask in the shop for further directions to the station. You may have forgotten my instructions in the meantime.
Pigeon Organics
That is a great idea. Thank you for all your help.
Have a great day and enjoy your shopping!
On my way to the blue house, I discovered another shop, LA BOTTEGA DI GIORGIA. Here I walked into a poetic yet simple universe. Childrens clothes with soft lines, large volumes, intense fabrics, and colours that bring us back to nature. Beautiful and different.
La Bottega di Giorgia
What a great start! The friendly shop assistant directed me up the street until the roundabout. Here I will have to take the third exit. She recommended looking out for a shop called FRESK; to find original, sweet, and slightly retro gifts for my children. From backpacks to cute umbrellas and water bottles.
Next, I was told to follow the street until the end, do a slight u-turn, and take a little pathway on my right. The station should not be far away now.

In that little street, I spotted INFANTIUM VICTORIA. Exquisite, ethical and cruelty-free fashion with sophisticated yet functional designs. Refreshing and a bit romantic too.
Infantium Victoria
During that very cold walk, I remembered that my eldest daughter is in need of winter gear. Therefore, I made a stop at HERNO, the home of sleek puffer jackets, waterproofs, as well as waxed jackets. My wife owns a jacket herself and loves it. They really keep you toasty warm.
What a journey! So much inspiration in one afternoon, I definitely found some lovely gifts and outfits for my family. Fashion Station should be just around the corner now. One more left turn, I was told, and I should be able to see it.
Hold on a second. I am spotting a fun and colourful window display. A place called MOLO.
Inside, I am met with imaginative, responsible, and innovative kidswear. You could describe the designs as quirky, colourful, and fun.
This is the wrong station! I must have taken a wrong turn…. Excuse me…