Maison Labiche: plastic-free basics
Edition 94
T-shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories featuring clean lines, bold colors, and little embroidered personalizations. Each season, the brand increases and refines its commitment to eco-sustainability to reduce the environmental impact to a minimum without compromising quality. Since its founding, the company has stood out for its European production, Oeko-Tex certified. Since 2018, the label has been working with the GOTS certification. 
A 360-degree sustainable approach, involving the raw materials as well as the packaging, which is made with plant-based materials and therefore compostable. The company has also adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards chemical or dangerous products. The brand's love for the Planet also translates into small but meaningful daily habits: the shop lighting is off outside of the opening hours, and all employees are provided with reusable water bottles to avoid single-use plastic.
The brand's offices are also equipped with embroidery kits for quick customizations and to reduce transport times and distances.