by Maria Giulia Pieroni
Edition 92
Overall Print
Co-ord style all the way! Looks featuring the most “creative” prints, monochrome black and white combinations, lettering elements, and classic graphics – repeated all over, almost obsessively. Among the prints, there is certainly no shortage of macro flowers or watercolor illustrations.
The trend anticipates “matchy-matchy” outfits without denying the possibility of breaking the sets and combining different patterns in a new mix & match.
Maria Giulia Pieroni - @LaPieroni_

Fashion and lifestyle journalist, curious, explorer. Passionate about accessories, she often wears something on her head.
She collaborates with Pitti Immagine, a series of brands and magazines, such as F Magazine and IODonna, and she teaches in a fashion school ...
She likes the world of adults but prefers the children's one.