WALK THROUGH 8 by Maria Giulia Pieroni
Edition 92
Soft-Knitwear: the cozy trend.
Enveloping shapes, layers upon layers, like welcoming hugs. Warm and delicate tones. Out of all this, the cozy trend comes to life. Knitwear invades the entire wardrobe with its softness and functionality, helping to cope with the coldest temperatures of late winter. From head to toe, from cashmere to merino wool, always with an eye to comfort, softness and, above all, the yarns' quality. Who thinks wool doesn't look elegant?
Maria Giulia Pieroni - @LaPieroni_

Fashion and lifestyle journalist, curious, explorer. Passionate about accessories, she often wears something on her head.
She collaborates with Pitti Immagine, a series of brands and magazines, such as F Magazine and IODonna, and she teaches in a fashion school ...
She likes the world of adults but prefers the children's one.