WALK THROUGH 7 by Maria Giulia Pieroni
Edition 92
If you think of Sunday best, the looks that come to mind are probably the "nice" ones you would wear for Sunday lunch or a special occasion. Yet, more recently, "comfort" has become an increasingly important element of our weekends, and outfits have followed suit, becoming cozier, more casual, colorful, and at the same time lively. Almost as if they had no season. So, Sunday-Funday style has turned into a mix & match of colors or patterns that translate into a unique style focused on comfort and functionality, without compromising on style (of course!). An ideal look to frame the happiest moments to enjoy.

Here is a series of shots that see children wearing Sunday-Funday-perfect pieces and interpreting them with great joy
Maria Giulia Pieroni - @LaPieroni_

Fashion and lifestyle journalist, curious, explorer. Passionate about accessories, she often wears something on her head.
She collaborates with Pitti Immagine, a series of brands and magazines, such as F Magazine and IODonna, and she teaches in a fashion school ...
She likes the world of adults but prefers the children's one.