Soft shades: free in nature
By Style Piccoli
Edition 97
These are the coolest shades of summer: yellow, sky blue, lilac, green, and delicate shades of pink. The wardrobe will be like a painter's palette!
When the summer season arrives, the desire for adventure immediately sets in. It's the kind of adventure that makes you feel like a hero, an explorer, and a dreamer, especially when immersed in nature.
That's when the long afternoons spent with friends outdoors become moments of discovery, experimentation, and wonder. Together, it's easier to search for a hidden treasure, become captains of a secret mission, look for little creatures in the grass to befriend, or lie down (on the beach or in a meadow) and gaze upwards, imagining new stories while watching the clouds. The spring-summer 2024 collections respond to this yearning for freedom by embracing nature to make you feel the scent of the sea or a blooming meadow, even if you're still in the city.
If you prefer subtle shades reminiscent of delicate petals or the tones of the sky just before a fiery sunset, the wardrobe of the upcoming summer is perfect for you. It will dress you in poetry and lightness, with nuances that smell of roses, fruits, or seawater. So, it's time to embrace the palette of pastel colors, with a particular temptation for peach, sage green, and cream – must-haves in your vacation suitcase! They work perfectly tone-on-tone, but you can also mix and match for a guaranteed impact. Let your imagination run wild!
Oriana Picceni
I am passionate about children’s literature, art, design, fashion, illustration, theater, and anything that can spark the imagination. I became a journalist for the love of stories. I like meeting people, listening to them, and writing about them. You can read me in the pages of Style Piccoli or the colored clouds of my blog Spinginuvole (, a crossroads of stories, projects, and ideas. If I am not reading, writing, or cooking tarts, you are sure to find me in the mountains, where I am working on the new edition of the children’s literary festival Un Ponte di Storie (
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