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Dina Moon Childrensalon
Edition 96
Buyers Select takes you behind the scenes of your favorite stores and online retailers to meet the people who choose what children will be wearing, explain the most exciting trends, talk about their market and the increasing interaction between physical and digital. Plus, they offer some suggestions about brands and companies, and Pitti as well.
by Elisabetta Campana

Since 1952 it has been a British flagship luxury children's fashion store. Over the years, it has evolved with great foresight, launching the first corporate website in 1999 and becoming among the first online retailers to conquer this market. Currently, Childrensalon, which remains an independent company, offers a selection of more than 240 brands reaching more than 170 countries worldwide, with customer service that speaks 32 languages and 5,500 orders fulfilled daily. "We are a global company, but our focus remains making sure we deliver the best selection of luxury childrenswear with the best service," says the head of buying, Dina Moon. On the order front for fall-winter 2023-2024, the focus is first and foremost on eye-catching colors, such as lilac, green, camel, and coffee, as well as metallic shades perfect for the holidays. "When we see new collections, we want to be wowed; by new shapes and lovely plays on new fabrics," the buyer explains. And about the recent edition of Pitti Bimbo, Moon has no doubts: "Pitti Bimbo was back to its old glory!"  Rich in proposals, lively, and packed with people. "It always has the magic to surprise us."
What are customers looking for this season? What are the most exciting trends for the SS23 season?

With the season changing and hopefully returning to traveling freely, we expect a summer of fun! Zesty hues such as yellows, pinks, and oranges take the lead. Alongside reds and fuchsia, following on from Viva Magenta, the Pantone color of the year. For  SS23, specifically, we’ve noticed the following trends: denim, varsity, color blocking, athleisure, royal regency, like statement occasionwear, 5-a-day (fruit and vegetable prints), and the ever-so-popular picnic time theme, with gingham and light florals. Another flourishing category is occasionwear, from bridesmaids to dresses and suits for various religious occasions – spring/summer is usually action-packed!
In the buying for fall-winter 2023-2024, what are you focusing on? 

For AW23, we are looking forward to seeing new colours – as well as the classic palettes – lilac seems to be strong, alongside greens, and lots of sophisticated hues such as camel and coffee. Metallics are also looking strong, perfect for the winter festive season. Mini me offerings are always lovely to see, we always look forward to the looks that the designers create for the little ones.

What would you like to see more in the proposals of brands and companies?

We found that most designer labels have been playing it safe in terms of shapes and designs, due to costs and production issues - which is understandable considering the really tough few years we had! When we see new collections we want to be wowed; new shapes and lovely
plays on new fabrics, that is very much what gets us excited.

What are the winning features of Childrensalon?

Childrensalon stands out in so many ways. Our award-winning Customer Service speaks 32 languages and is available 365 days a year over the
phone, email, live chat, Whatsapp and social media. We have the most exclusive and extensive product offering out there, from mid-level to high-end luxury. Our website and our industry-first iOS App allow our
customers to view the product and check-out in different currencies.
Today, we can easily pack over 5500 orders in 24 hours and we can get an order almost anywhere in the world in one working day. Our new studio with bespoke photo shooting and styling stations enables us to photograph and get our new product online quickly. One of the most important elements that differentiates Childrensalon is that, although we are growing rapidly, we are still an independent, privately-owned company with no outside investment and for this reason we have
always managed to stay true to our values.

How are online sales and online retailers evolving?

The last few years, with lockdown restrictions keeping customers at home, meant almost everyone had turned to the web to complete all of their shopping. These conditions resulted in our total sales growing strong. While the online shopping trend doesn't seem to slow down, every business is facing challenges; the biggest one being the current
unstable global economical and political landscape. We keep monitoring the situation closely and being independent allows us to be agile and react quickly.
Any news, collaborations, projects, or services that you would like to share?

We are now a global company shipping to over 160 countries. As we continue to grow, our focus will remain, as ever, making sure we deliver the best selection of luxury childrenswear with the best service. Key focus will be: offering a very personal service to our customers across the world, improving our already remarkable shipping time domestically and globally and last but not least, widening our product offering with both new brands and current brands.
How did the January edition of Pitti Bimbo go?

Pitti was back to its old glory! We loved seeing brands and industry professionals all under one roof again. We caught up with our current suppliers as well as discovered a few new brands – it was busy and buzzing!
What makes Pitti a unique experience? 

Pitti Bimbo has the magic of always surprising us in the most positive and different ways! From creativity to elegance, from talent to trends. Every section of the show has its own unique style and concept, that makes Pitti extremely easy and enjoyable to explore.
Elisabetta Campana _ Freelance Journalist
For 30 years, I have written about fashion and luxury: after studying all aspects of the fashion system, I focused on retail, distribution, retail real estate, and international markets. Throughout my career, I have interviewed the most important Italian and foreign buyers, firmly believing that their precious, unique, real-time testimony on the wishes of customers, sales trends, and, therefore, a projection of the purchase budgets for collections, is the key to understanding the market, now more than ever.