Around Kids:
Chloé de Bailliencourt
Edition 95
Entrepreneur and mother of three: meet Chloé de Bailliencourt in this episode of Around Kids.
Has the arrival of your children changed your way of dressing, your style?

The birth of Paul, my first child, naturally changed me a lot ... there was such an explosion of love. Having a little human needing you completely is so amazing!
Paul was a rather easy child: breastfed, he came everywhere with me, to the office, on the road, on set. Paul is now 12 years old and is independent and autonomous. I am very proud of him.

Paul was followed by Hugues, my second son, and Brune, my only daughter.

The way I dress hasn't changed much over the years. We have lived along the Basque coast for a long time, and this has led me to prefer a relaxed, cool look, with a hint of elegance, but nothing particularly sophisticated.
Let's talk about their wardrobe. How do you approach it?

Mostly, my children wear Arsène et les pipelettes. Paul enjoys neutral tones, whereas Hugues appreciates bright colors and more extravagant shades. Brune, the only girl, prefers prints, full skirts and long dresses. She loves matchy-matchy looks, and I admit that sometimes I enjoy playing with her combinations.
One thing I particularly love is seeing clothes go from Paul to Hugues, and then from Hugues to Brune. After all, a garment has to live several lives, right?
What does your home look like? What about their bedrooms?

We live in a typical Basque villa near the beach. Guests and family are always welcome at this very lively house. I have brightly colored children's rooms that are also furnished with antiques. There is generally a feeling of happy confusion.
What do your days look like?
We always go out with them during the day. For many years, I thought that they shouldn't be outside in the evening since they need a lot of sleep to feel rested. But now that they are grown up we go together to see live shows, concerts, or we stay with friends on the beach until late at night.
With three children and a lot of work, organization is essential, and our lifestyle has changed several times over the years. Finding the right balance is not easy, but we are on the right track.

Pics by Lois Moreno and Jennifer Sath