The new Editorials!
Edition 94
At the Fortezza and online
An exclusive format aimed at concept stores and dedicated on a special selection of highly contemporary themes curated by stylist Maria Giulia Pieroni, the Editorials are an unmissable Pitti Bimbo staple.

This edition features two focuses, one of which available exclusively online on Pitti Connect, to enter the world of children through board games and outdoor accessories.

"Magic Box" is the title of the first Editorial, which will be showcased during the fair, at the Fortezza da Basso, and online on Pitti Connect: a collection of classic, never-before-seen board games, all very fun and stylish, refreshed through new and captivating graphics.

"Instantly outdoor" is instead the Editorial presented exclusively online on our platform, which brings together functional and fun accessories, stylish and technical, for sub-zero temperatures: in short, the best of brands with an adventurous spirit
Boxes designed with beautiful graphics and exciting packaging solutions for games you can take everywhere. Classic and never-before-seen board games, created for children and adults, to be shared. They help us fill the time, entertain, improve, and spark challenges among friends or a competition with ourselves. They become everyday rituals or signs of a special occasion. In any case, they keep us company!
Outside it's better, and if it's cold, it's even better. Useful and fun accessories, stylish and technical, for sub-zero temperatures.