Infantium Victoria: Zero-Waste Dresses
Edition 94
High-end 100% organic and vegan contemporary kidswear: the result of a committed fashion vision. At this edition of Pitti Bimbo, the brand founded in 2014 confirms its values through a new special initiative. After the stop-motion film, presented in June and dedicated to the Gots cotton supply chain, it's time for a sustainable fashion board game to get involved in the issues deriving from the fashion industry's environmental impact.
In addition, the new limited edition of Zero-Waste Dresses: refined, perfect for a party, a cocktail, or the red carpet, all developed starting from recovered garments and using innovative cutting techniques that produce less than 1% of fabric waste. A manifesto of circular fashion.
The materials used by the brand are all organic and plant-based. The production process is characterized by transparency towards the customer and based on responsible sourcing, strengthening of women-led activities, minimal-impact processes, cruelty-free design, recycling of fabrics and waste, and collection service for "second hand" pieces and repairs, lengthening the life of the clothes.