I Want to Be Green - Special event at Pitti Bimbo 93
Infantium Victoria presents
Edition 93
Exclusively for Pitti Bimbo 93, Infantium Victoria presents a special project dedicated to sustainability. The German brand – featured in the Pitti Connect project "I Want to Be Green" – launches the video "The story of a GOTS seed." A mini stop-motion documentary in a child-friendly language, written and directed by Dinie Van Den Heuvel (creator of the brand, together with Julia Gaydina), that opens with a child's question: "Mommy, where do t-shirts come from?".

This input is used to talk about a different world, in which cotton is grown with love and without chemicals, respecting the land and the people who work it. From the farm, we move on to the designer's atelier, where ideas are born, and cotton takes the form of beautiful and resistant garments to be passed on to future generations.

In seven poetic minutes, the key principles of eco-responsibility that are summarized in the acronym GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), are explained: sustainability and environmental protection, but also ethics and respect for people.

The Infantium Victoria project for Pitti Bimbo 93 also includes a special shopping guide for buyers to help them recognize truly sustainable fashion, and avoid any so-called “greenwashing."

The topic will also be addressed during the talk "Can Fashion be Sustainable and still Fashionable?" scheduled for 2 July at 11 am, on the stage of the UniCredit Theatre, inside the Fortezza da Basso in Florence. (LINK)

« Sustainability is definitely gaining popularity this time, but some use it only as a marketing tool. Greenwashing is indeed a reality, and we would like to help buyers and consumers find there way around it. We believe this story told in the video will help viewers understand why certifications are important, what is organic and why a living wage in textile industry is a must. These are very crucial topics if we want to change the industry and facilitate better future for our children.».
Dinie Van Den Heuvel & Julia Gaydina