I Want To Be Green presents Isleande 
Edition 93
I Want to be Green is the special Pitti Immagine project created to open the doors of Pitti Connect to the kidswear collections and initiatives that are in line with the “eco-conscious” drive of the new generations.

100% natural freshness

Isleande is a brand created to offer children fresh and light clothes, ideal for facing long hot summers in touch with nature, Northern European style. Isleande was founded in 2018 by Peta Partanen, during an unusually scorching Finnish summer. Ethics and sustainability are the values at the core of its made-in-India production, using only natural raw materials, free of synthetic fibers. The collections are made with care, in small batches, in a family-run artisan workshop.
The style reflects the lightness of the fabrics: the lines are simple, the cut is well-finished to enhance the beauty of linen and cotton. Finally, the absence of prints makes these garments transversal to every trend and capable of lasting over time, passing from generation to generation.
The sustainable idea
The slow approach. Each Isleande garment is made with reducing its environmental impact in mind and dedicating a lot of time to finding the fabrics produced responsibly and ethically, respecting the environment and workers.
Green Materials
The collection is made of linen – a resistant, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly fabric – and Chanderi, a blend of silk and cotton, originally from the Indian village of the same name, which creates a breathable and slightly shiny fabric.
Something more
Each piece is made unique by its mix of colors and embroidery, entirely handmade by skilled and specialized craftsmen.