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I Want To Be Green presents The eucalyptus blankets by My Memi
Edition 93
The careful selection of yarns was the starting point of this Polish brand, born in 2016 and immediately becoming a reference name of sustainable fashion. The collections are made up of small objects, bathrobes, sheets, covers. Accessories that caress children's delicate skin with natural materials of the highest quality, destined to last for a long time. My Memi was also the first brand to launch blankets in eucalyptus yarn on the Polish market, an antibacterial, antiallergic, biodegradable, thermoregulatory, breathable material that absorbs moisture and, above all, is soft and gentle on the skin.
The sustainable idea
Choosing eucalyptus means respecting the environment. This yarn is produced sustainably, in a closed-cycle and efficient process that saves a lot of water. The plant grows quickly and without the use of chemicals. Made with eucalyptus yarn, the product is completely biodegradable, which means that its fibers decompose naturally under the right conditions.
Green Materials
All the fabrics used in the My Memi collections are made, dyed, printed, and finished in Poland; only organic cotton muslin is produced in Western Europe. In addition to eucalyptus, merino wool, organic cotton, linen, and bamboo yarn are also used.
Something more
For its winter pieces, My Memi chooses merino wool from sheep that live in extreme climatic conditions where temperatures range from -20 to -30 degrees. The wool extraction method is completely safe and non-invasive. Sheep shearing takes place twice a year in the months when it is more suitable to do it.