I Want To Be Green presents Danhera Italy
Edition 93
I Want to be Green is the special Pitti Immagine project created to open the doors of Pitti Connect to the kidswear collections and initiatives that are in line with the “eco-conscious” drive of the new generations.

Eco-friendly baby laundry

A treatment of purity for children's clothes and underwear. Bucato BABY is the new detergent presented by Danhera Italy, an Italian company with over 40 years of experience in the field of home fragrances. Gentle, effective, and antibacterial, it gives clothes a real beauty treatment, protecting fabrics while respecting the natural balance of children's skin. The entire Home Purity collection – which includes laundry soaps, detergents for delicates, softeners, sanitizers, and fragrances for linen – follows a strict environmental compatibility regulation thanks to non-toxic plant-based formulas, not tested on animals, and complying with the European Reach legislation.
The sustainable idea
Concentrated, ultra-effective formulations to reduce waste.
Green components
The detergent for children’s laundry has an innovative formula with wheat proteins that treats fibers in a natural way, restoring whiteness and purity. It is a Eudermic detergent PH 5.5, which prevents irritation respecting the natural balance of the skin.
Something more
All detergents do not contain artificial components and dyes. They are biodegradable and of plant-based origin, 100% safe, and within a recyclable PET bottle.