I Want To Be Green presents Collégien
Edition 93
The ocean-loving slippers
Cleaning the sea and beaches from the tons of plastic that seriously endanger delicate ecosystems should be a priority for everyone. French brand Collégien does its part thanks to a new line of iconic slippers. It's FOR A CLEAN OCEAN: these non-slip socks have been made with Seaqual® Yarn, a yarn made entirely from plastics and debris recovered from our oceans and the reuse of PET bottles. The commitment to be increasingly eco-sustainable is combined with a distinctive style, made of comfort, new palettes, and surprising designs, as has been the case since 1947, the year the brand was founded.
The sustainable idea
Collégien uses Seaqual Yarn, a high-quality yarn that derives from plastics found in the seas. Fragments, debris and bottles transform into Upcycled Marine Plastic and then into yarn. Each kilo of Seaqual Yarn corresponds to the same amount of waste eliminated from the marine environment.
Green Materials
In addition to Seaqual Yarn, Collégien uses Global Recycled Standard certified recycled cotton yarns and Gots certified organic cotton.

Something more
What happens to defective tights that cannot be put on the market? They become warm hair bands so as not to waste resources and reach the “zero waste” goal.