To the beach!
Edition 99
Craving sun, dives, water games, and running along the shore? Picture a summer brimming with energy and fun, perfect for playing by the sea and dreaming of new adventures. Whether you find yourself aboard pirate ships or tossed onto the fine sand of imaginary islands, the wardrobe for the waves opts for natural fabrics, draws inspiration from flowers, and borrows colors from ice cream. Whatever the destination (real or imaginary), it's well-known that the vacation starts the moment you begin to think about packing, imagining long days outdoors with friends, roaming in search of hidden treasures, and sharing secrets on the sand, looking up to chase the clouds. With swimsuits, super fresh dresses, and practical outfits, don't forget to bring all your energy and adventurous spirit to discover new places and meet new friends... Because holidays are the best time to share new experiences freely. Remember to slip in a camera in your backpack to capture every smile and a book to travel far from under your umbrella!
1- Experience a touch of the tropics with this one-piece swimsuit featuring a unique ruffle on the strap. By Koku Factory
2- Make a splash with the silicone swimming goggles that are as fun as candy. By BLING2O
3- Jungle prints for the large-ruffled cotton dress, to be completed with a wide-brimmed hat. By Patachou
4- A very fresh outfit: T-shirt and shorts, perfect for a day of games on the beach or a sailing trip. By Petite Revery
5- Sunglasses are a must to protect from UV rays. It is even better if they are playful and shaped like a flower! By Elle Porte
6- Ruffles and glitter touches for the one-piece swimsuit with matching headband, ideal for long chats with friends under the umbrella. By Piccoli Principi Swimwear
7- It's not summer without canvas sandals with a rope sole! The wisteria-colored ones are so beautiful. By Pisamonas
8- For the dungaree fans, here's a super versatile version, perfect for a trip to the beach. Pair it with the coral-print T-shirt. By Play Up
Oriana Picceni
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