The Nest Crew
Edition 92
From The Nest to success: discover the brands that Pitti Bimbo launched!
The Nest Crew is the special project dedicated to brands launched by the Pitti Bimbo section The Nest - which brings together emerging names with great potential - that have now established themselves in the world of childrenswear. The mastermind behind the international scouting activity for the section is Dimitra Zavakou, fashion curator and founder of the Berlin concept store Little popup, specializing in sustainable fashion.
Atelier Choux Paris
Atelier Choux Paris is a French nouveau-luxe brand designed for Millennial families, renowned for its complex prints and architecture-inspired. Its organic cotton blankets (carrés) made in France are sold in gift boxes inspired by Parisian palaces and hôtel particuliers. The new collection features high-quality materials, like printed velvet and golden jacquard, both French, delicate gold lace from Japan, and the brand's signature studs.

The Nest put Atelier Choux on the map and gave us instant exposure with the world's leading buyers, boutiques and department stores. Our participation at the fair was a critical part of our launch, and the feedback from our first show gave us the confidence to continue pushing forward with our vision and passion!  
Atelier Parsmei
Ethical, sustainable, high fashion brand offering contemporary classic designs. Atelier Parsmei ensures that every aspect of production is transparent, respecting both the planet and its inhabitants. The mission is to encourage all those who collaborate with the brand to think, act, and choose positively, finding ideas that help reduce waste and the environmental impact.

Being at The Nest was fantastic! It allowed us, as a new brand, to have exposure with many buyers from across the globe and increase our brand awareness. Pitti Bimbo also promoted us a few times on their Instagram profile increasing our visibility.
The brand is the brainchild of Alana and Jaz, a couple from Sydney's sunny Southern coast. It was founded to create and innovate through ethics, sustainability, and craftsmanship: only sustainable and chemical-free fabrics, such as bamboo, hemp, GOTs certified organic cotton, reusable organic cotton packaging, and deliveries in compostable mailing bags. Banabae argues that every company has the means and responsibility to make the world a better place for the next generation and donates a percentage of sales to the Australian Marine Conservation Society each month.

The Nest was an amazing trade show introduction for the European market. A well-supported space to meet and sell to new customers.
Cherrypapaya Kids
Brand of clothing for children aged 3 months to 11 years. Each season, a different story is inspired by children's ability to transform the ordinary in the purest and most surprising way, and told through the brand's prints and graphics. The collections are designed and produced in Portugal, using premium quality organic cotton jersey and fleece, soft and delicate materials and denim. The designs guarantee maximum comfort; they are easy to wear and ideal for running around, playing, and having fun.

Pitti Bimbo? We couldn't have imagined any better.
Ciao Coyote
Independent brand, founded by a group of artists from Berlin. Handmade illustrated prints, innovative wall art, inspired by the little ones and designed to evoke the wonders of the natural world and the playful mysteries of the animal spirit. Each print is lovingly produced in limited edition and made to order, digitally printed with archival inks on museum quality fine art paper or tear-proof high-quality recycled paper. The prints help develop visual literacy and enhance children's natural curiosity, providing a canvas for unlimited imaginative play.

Exhibiting at the Nest was incredibly moving, inspiring and affirmative. Not only was it an excellent opportunity to introduce the concept of Ciao Coyote to the world in such a special context, as a young brand, it was great to connect with other emerging brands and meet other designers. The exchange of ideas and experiences in this setting was especially rewarding. The Nest also made it possible for Ciao Coyote to win the Pirouette Blog's 'One to Watch Award For Best Design!' This was certainly a big boost for our spirits and gave the brand lots of momentum to keep moving forward with new ideas and plans.
Grace Baby & Child
The brand was founded by Ana, mother of three girls, entrepreneur, and communication specialist, who decided to carry on her family's legacy in the Portuguese textile industry. Its essence? Tradition with a cosmopolitan touch, modernity, care, perfection, and above all, a love for children. All styles are designed in Portugal and produced in small quantities by carefully selected partners located no more than 70 kilometers away. With quality fabrics, Grace Baby & Child clothes stand out for their romantic simplicity, functionality, and extraordinary attention to detail.

In spite of the moment we live in, where everything goes virtual, the Nest offers an exciting atmosphere, where we can have a chance to meet new people, exchange opinions, and see at what stage we are. Also, the feedback helps us plan future projects. Our aim is to be persistent and create brand identity, and at the Nest we have this great opportunity full of great experiences.
This New York-based sustainable children's clothing brand's collections are made with eco-friendly fabrics and characterized by highly practical styles. The mission is to allow people to feel confident in what they buy while decreasing their environmental footprint, allowing them to be active participants in a circular economy. According to Kiboro, together we can be part of the solution to contrast climate change, one design at a time.

The Nest was a great opportunity to expose Kiboro to an audience that we otherwise wouldn't have reached. The European market is very inspiring and it's always ahead of the game. It was truly an honor to be part of this incubator program.
Mimi & Lula
This elegant and playful brand of accessories for children brings back the sparkle and shine in moments of fun. Founded by Natasha Hodson and Nicola Byrne, after spending a decade working with famous streetwear brands, their accessories line is designed to allow children to express their personality with flair and style. Whether it's for dress-up, parties, games, or just a school day, Mimi & Lula's goal is to fascinate, dazzle and delight. With one eye on quality and the other on the fun.
Berlin-based brand characterized by an elegant and minimal design combined with organic and sustainable materials. Structure, atmosphere, color, and light create a unified aesthetic message that is subtle, functional, and timeless: simple, innovative, and elegant styles for children and adults, appreciated all over the world.

The Nest was one of our first fairs and we had a blast! We were impressed and simultaneously daunted by the scale of the Pitti Bimbo show, but in The Nest we felt cosy and cared for. The fair gave us a good push, and coupled with the great international press interest we experienced, definitely helped us to grow.
Ocean Hero
Ready, set, splash! Ocean Hero swimwear's unique and creative style gives children joy, color, fashion, and elegance. Co-ordinated beach hats and bandanas are a must-have for adventure lovers. The prints feature a mix of patterns that Ocean Hero loves to mix and match. Each new combination is a challenge, and most of the prints are unisex as play is. Ocean Hero loves having fun on the beach.
Small Stories
Ethical and timeless clothing brand for children aged 0 to 7 years. Each piece in the collection features exclusive prints designed in the UK. The distinctive approach is the 'brush painting' technique, which gives the fabric a pictorial quality and, of course, an original look. Premium quality natural materials take care of delicate skin and the planet. The full range of babygrows, tops, briefs, dresses, and knitwear is produced in specialized factories in Portugal and Turkey.

It was such an honor to be part of The Nest at Pitti Bimbo. You felt part of a little community where you could share knowledge and experience on your journey so far and where potential buyers could visit to see innovative children's brands of the future.
The Campamento
This brand was founded in Coruña, in the north of Spain, to create a timeless collection that respects the environment. The Campamento stands for letting your creativity flow, making a serious commitment with fun and passion, loving our planet, and seeing the world through the eyes of a child. It means smiling and whistling when facing challenges with an optimistic view of the future.

The Nest was an international showcase with a level of exposure that for a small project like ours was essential. It is a business accelerator and one of the events that we consider decisive in the beginning of our brand. You meet the right people and, besides, you enjoy it a lot!
The brand takes inspiration from the bond of three generations of strong creative women, whose artistic journey took them from Lithuania to Ireland. UPA's ethos is to nurture parents and children worldwide who connect through art and community. The aesthetic is inspired by the first hand-knitted pieces made for the founder's daughter by her grandmother: UPA creator Vaida Rasciute has since based her collections on the fusion of natural and sustainable fabrics with contemporary, transitional designs.

The Nest is the best that could've happened to our brand. We dived into this business purely driven by the heart with little knowledge how it's done. Dimitra's from Little Popup call and offer to participate in The Nest was perfect timing. We have learned and grown so much since we set foot in this amazing place. Since the first show we knew: this is the place. It was love at first sight. Magic happens here.