Yellow, energetic, graphical:
Edition 99
In June, the Pitti Immagine shows will be swept by a wave of energy. PITTI LEMON has been chosen as the theme for both the advertising campaign and the setups at the Fortezza. Can you imagine anything more summery, sunny, and refreshing?

PITTI LEMON will be a tasty theme (both in flavor and color), thirst-quenching (for those always craving something new), energizing (for those in search of a boost), astringent (to hold back from saying too much), and anti-free radicals (for those keen on staying young). It is a deliberately light theme yet with a powerful representation: it captures the naive spontaneity of children and has been painted by artists from Ghirlandaio to Manet, from Picasso to Lichtenstein.

The PITTI LEMON campaign, coordinated by creative director Angelo Figus, for Pitti  Bimbo has been interpreted by illustrator Alessandra De Cristofaro. Her ability to connect reality with the dream world has led her to envision the lemon as a plump yellow submarine from whose porthole one can peek at all the latest from Pitti Bimbo.
Playful and fun, the lemon strikes a balance between a tennis ball and a rugby ball. It's simple yet consists of many segments, and it's both sweet and sour, providing a burst of energy. U2 sings, 'She wore lemon,' while Paolo Conte brings the flavor of lemon gelato to life through his music. Whether it's depicted in a pot or the ground, as a still life or vibrant and alive, juice or pulp, to truly appreciate it, one must squeeze it thoroughly. Essentially, it is a symbol with an iconic impact on meaning and the senses that drove us to a significant decision: to forego photos and videos in our advertising campaigns, opting instead for purely graphical representations—static and animated—created exclusively by graphic designers. We aimed to explore an imaginative narrative, allowing us to capture the diverse aspects of the events from scratch, starting with a blank screen or page, freely drawing and coloring worlds and references.

— Agostino Poletto, General Director, Pitti Immagine

The theme of PITTI LEMON will be showcased in the Fortezza da Basso setups and experience, curated by architect Alessandro Moradei.

About Alessandra De Cristofaro
One of her dogs is named Ponyo, just like the fish in Hayao Miyazaki's film, while the other is called Blu. Her cat is named Pizzetta. She studied illustration and comics at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. She collaborates with The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Feltrinelli, Pentagram, and La Nuova Frontiera Junior. She lives in Lecce.