Somewhere over the rainbow
Edition 99
Photo credits: MOLO

The special lifestyle showcase at Pitti Bimbo will dazzle with the brilliant colors of the rainbow, renewing itself each edition with a selection of accessories and design elements, ready to make it onto the wish lists of both adults and children. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is the title of the June Editorials, curated by stylist Maria Giulia Pieroni: a meticulous and creative editorial selection that playfully revolves around the rainbow and the wonder it always sparks in those fortunate enough to witness it.
The rainbow is tranquility, surprise, looking up, and thinking of loved ones. It is a happy sign after the rain before everything begins again. It is a positive thought, a smile, and a color palette. The rainbow is a cheerful bridge, a polychromatic conjunction, a universal language cited by poets, rhymed in nursery rhymes, and drawn by children. And there are rainbow garments, accessories, details, and toys, all because they do not choose one color but encompass them all.