Made in Spain Summer with the Asepri brands
Edition 99
Colorful, comfortable, energizing: this is how the kidswear designed by Spanish designers stands out, always managing to be distinctive. That's why the Asepri team, the association in Spain that brings together and promotes children's fashion brands, couldn't miss this edition of Pitti Bimbo in June. Nine brands will arrive at the Fortezza, offering a selection of creative Spanish-made products from footwear to hair accessories, from nightwear to swimwear.
Founded in 1953, the company offers modern, innovative, high-quality collections season after season, designed by a creative team attentive to the needs of the little ones. The new collection features basic, timeless garments, dressing everyone from newborns to teens, using top-quality, environmentally low-impact, durable materials meant to last.

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A favorite even of the British Royal House, this brand reaffirms its philosophy with a new collection where quality, attention to detail, sustainable production, and ethical labor prevail. Founded in 1993 by Fina Ejerique, the brand is synonymous with craftsmanship, and it is 100% made in Spain.

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Marked by style and the well-being of little feet, the new collection features imaginative sandals where glitter, beads, flowers, and leopard prints take center stage, adding personality to every step. The casual line includes a Gio Memory Effect insole to soften the footprint. New this season: ballet flats with removable elements for customizing outfits.

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The "Barefoot Concept" collection of sandals and canvas shoes redefines comfort with a modern twist. All footwear is designed with a zero-drop sole to maintain a natural posture, flexibility, freedom of movement, and a wide toe for extra comfort. Wearing them feels like walking barefoot.

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From comfy nightwear to elegant dresses for special occasions, from delightful onesies to soft sweaters, the new collection features a timeless yet modern style. Each piece is crafted with care, using the finest materials and focusing on details to ensure style and functionality.

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Swimwear coming straight from Tenerife. The brand produces responsibly in the Canary Islands, entrusting work to people involved in an integration project. There's also a strong focus on sustainability and materials, chosen to ensure longevity, quick drying, and over +50 sun protection.

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The new collection has the flavor of modern craftsmanship and seasonal colors: sky blue, lilac, pink, white, sand, and blue. The softness of the link stitch, the eyelets' delicacy, and the plain knit's freshness combine with linen, piqué, and delicate floral patterns. 70% of the garments are produced using seamless technology, maximizing yield and comfort while reducing waste.

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From cool espadrilles to classic menorquinas, the new S/S 2025 collection captures the essence of summer with bright touches and vivid colors. Each pair of shoes is designed to reflect the freshness and vitality of the season: soft models with wide tips and high-quality materials like canvas, linen, suede, or leather, designed with the durability and comfort of the little ones in mind.

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Stunning hair accessories: colorful and dreamy clips and bows embellish both long and short hair. Like an explosion of joy or a sunbeam playing with even very different moods, Siena's new collection completes romantic and contemporary outfits with small but significant style highlights.

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