Around Kids:
Stephanie Mathurin
Edition 96
It has been fifteen years since Stephanie Mathurin, Communication designer at Numero 74, decided to leave Belgium and her job at Ferrero to spend a few months in Rome before settling in Ibiza with her partner Lorenzo. They live on the Spanish island with their two children, Nicolas, 11, and Carolina, 13.
Did the arrival of your children change the way you live or the way you dress?

Yes, of course, the arrival of my children disrupted our daily routine, home setup, and interests. But what really opened my eyes to the beauty and magic of objects, vintage items, and "magic" was joining the Numero74 team.

How did your daughter handle the arrival of her baby brother?

Carolina handled the arrival of Nicolas very well. She has a gentle nature but a strong personality and immediately embraced her role as a big sister.
How do you shop for them?

In general, I buy very little and am very impulsive when I do.
I like to dress them in classic colors and basics. I am lucky enough to dress them in Number 74, from head to toe. For the rest, I shop online since Ibiza has few stores.

I really like @tinycottons, @buho_barcelona, @longlivethequeenofficial, @veja, @quicksilver @roxy @numero74_official
How would you describe your house? How about their bedrooms?

We live in a typical finca in Ibiza, which is about 100 years old. We have 2 bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a new bedroom with windows that we use as a study.

A large fruit tree plot surrounds the house.

My house is furnished with products from the brand I work for, and I have researched many vintage items to replace the furniture we initially found.
When you go out, how do you get organized?

Though we don't go out often, the children are generally old enough to be left alone. So the fact that I don't have to worry about it too much when I go out is nice.