Around Kids #6:
Jee-hui, Hong
Edition 92
AroundKids is a project that travels between various continents to meet with different people linked to culture, lifestyle, food and more. How do they relate to shopping for their children? How fashion trends are important to them?

Jee-hui, Hong
Painter and Artist in Seoul, Korea
Jee-hui, Hong @aaaaanes

Painter & Influencer
She has one son
She also teaches painting to children

How do you normally shop for your kids? Occasionally? Very Often? Mostly online or in shops?

I seldom chop for my child. I purchase consuming items online, and on a special day I go offline with my child. 
And when? At the beginning of the season or every now and then?

The shopping term is usually when the clothes became smaller regardless of the season, and tend to purchase one size bigger.
Do you follow current fashion trends for your kid?
To be honest, I don’t follow design trends, but I am very much into sustainability. I love searching for some indie brands and clothes made of  natural textile and eco-fabrics 

Do you listen to your child and how much is heshe involved in the process of choosing?

I usually give the shopping choice to my child. I figure out the clothes needed then give about 3 choices then talk over it. I think learning their own taste, reason for selecting and the process of telling is connected with my child’s future and is important for rational life.
Which are the top 3 colors your child likes to wear?

Ivory, Navy, Olive green

What are you looking at when buying clothing for your child/children?

Material that lasts in frequent laundry, simple design easy to match, and comfortable practicality for movement is important. 
Do you follow current fashion trends for your kid?

I think classic and material for activity is more important than newest trend. My child prefers comfortable clothes. 
Which brand do you prefer, if any?

Stone island, Saint James, Petit bateau, Bon point, Nike, Uniqlo