Around Kids:
Kathrin Bierling
Edition 95
A new life, a new style!
With Around Kids we fly to Germany to meet with journalist Kathrin Bierling, Benjamin's stylish Mum!
Fashion journalist, she cooperates with,,,,, Kathrin Bierling is also the co-founder of Modepilot, one of the most famous blogs in the German fashion world. Kathrin lives between Munich and Deen Hag with her family and today she tells us about her everyday life after the arrival of little Benjamin.
Did Benjamin's arrival change your habits, your style?
Of course, a lot, haha! I am hardly wearing silk blouses anymore.
As Benjamin likes to reach out with his hands full of banana. Yesterday he rubbed sun lotion into my jeans. But I still enjoy dressing up! I also became much quicker with showering.

And for Benjamin?
Over the months I figured out which colors suit him best and that oversize clothes are looking cool and cute on him at the same time.
Knitted things are the best: they grow with him, like the famous Oshkosh dungarees.
But Benjamin, being just one and a half years old, has already his favorite shoes. He is very clear about that. I wonder where he has it from.

How do you shop for Benjamin and yourself?
Luckily the grandparents (and two cashmere labels) are sending the most beautiful clothes for him.
And for me: I sometimes find something in the second hand stores, where they sell both kid’s and women’s fashion.  Or online.

What does your home look like? His/her bedroom?
Not as tidy as it used to be and as I enjoyed it. But finally I can understand all the parents, who have toys lying everywhere.
His room is very cute with wall paintings from my best friend: different animals from an elephant to a mouse in hot air balloons. 

How are you organized for going out?
We have a great baby sitter, that Benjamin loves. She is the daughter of his favorite woman at day care.
They always have a lot of fun together. The girl used to be a professional goal keeper.