Around Kids:
Amandine Weil
Edition 95
I’m Amandine, Parisian mum of 3 crazy kids and found of the pop up store The Reunion which gathers several times a year all the brands and people during a few festive days.
I love eating, traveling and discovering the world with my family and I do my best to enjoy every day with them and create as many memories as possible because I know how much time flies.
Did  son 's arrival change your habits, your style?
Yes definitely! As it was our first child we were completely focused on him. We did our best to ajust to his rythm (meals, naps, bedtime), it was a total change for us. But we quickly started travelling again with him because it has always been a passion and that’s when I realised that he could also adjust quite well to our lifestyle.
And for your daughter?
For my daughter it was totally different because we has passed the big stress of number one! I was much more laid back and relaxed and actually we started being more active with 2 kids than when we had just one! Her first trip was in portugal when she was 3 weeks! Then Formentera in the summer, Mexico...
How do you shop for him/her and yourself?
I mainly shop online because with 3 kids I don’t have time to stop in « real » shops. For me and for them I love buying from people I know, weather they are the brand founders or creative directors. It’s important for me to make buying an act of support to entrepreneurs and small businesses. It give this extra emotional touch to the act of buying.
What does your home look like? His/her bedroom?
Our home is like a giant souvenir of all of our trips. It’s very colorfull and full of improbable mix and matches. It’s the same in their bedrooms, they have carpets from Marrakech, souvenirs from Mexico, colorfull bedsheets, African treasure boxes and illustrations from artists I love like Little Cabari or Mary Clerté.
How are you organized for going out?
Luckyly as the kids grow up I need less and less organisation. Juste some paper en pencils to keep them busy and water bottles that we refill everywhere.