16 July - 9 October 2020


...with all the love of the world

We are born in 2014, the result of the concern and a desire to create a girl’s shoe elegant and functional  after several decades working for different brands  I intended to create something special and so born Parisittas.

Always with the concept of a shoe made with the most  artisan hands and a selective and handmade production.

We are young and current company with the continuous formation and positioning the company as reference of the manufacture of handmade shoes,  a shoe in the past, pair by pair. 

Our team is formed by the most experienced  hands of many generations  of shoemakers,  who unite a young and enthusiastic group,  dedicated  to work  for the most  demanding feet of each house.

 Along with it  we started with a line dedicated to our babies,  baby shoes,  in order to give a touch of style and comfort to those who still do not  walk  and the little ones who take their first steps  and another line called Parisittas Junior, which incorporates both a  line with another sport  more dress.

 We work with the best materials to achieve an elegant and stylish shoe, without neglecting  the health of our children's feet. 

A shoe made entirely in the area of Villena cradle of footwear in Spain and Europe, with all the love of the world.


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