"Pitti Games" is the theme of the June shows
Edition 97
Play your game at Pitti Bimbo!
"Pitti Games" is the theme that defines the style and atmosphere of the upcoming Pitti Immagine fairs in June. Play,  that's the keyword. Because it refers to a challenging but creative dimension, which is synonymous with energy, commitment, and a desire to succeed. These are the ingredients that Pitti Immagine aims to showcase through fashion and lifestyle proposals, thanks to the direction of Leonardo Corallini and the coordination of creative director Angelo Figus. This approach is evident in the advertising campaign.
For Pitti Bimbo, the theme of play is reflected in summery and carefree atmospheres. Children always play seriously, whether alone, in pairs, or in groups. They engage in challenges, face duels, weave alliances, and form teams with a spirit of collaboration. Whether free in open spaces or gathered around a table, they have an extraordinary creative power that can change the game's rules. Classic card games become flying carpets that transport players to new worlds, a Frisbee can travel great distances, and Mikado sticks multiply like branches in a garden. Even Connect Four opens up new scenarios, teaching us to see the world in a different light without taking away our sense of wonder.
Getting back into the game because playing requires concentration and fun; children teach us this with absolute spontaneity. Immediate reflection and decision-making, evaluation and action, tactics, foresight, commitment, and lightness. The chosen theme is an invitation to launch oneself, albeit with reason and playfulness, by assessing the stakes, reinforcing one's values, and adapting to new market scenarios.

— Agostino Poletto, general director of Pitti Immagine