Pitti Bimbo 97 will surprise you!
Edition 97
Here is all that is new at the Fortezza.
With 220 brands (75% of which are from abroad), Pitti Immagine Bimbo 97 in June will offer you a detailed and creative overview of the new trends and reference brands. 

The lifestyle proposal is increasingly diverse: we have selected designers and brands capable of offering a joyful journey filled with accessories, jewelry capsules, exciting games, and illustrated books. And plenty of beachwear, occasionwear, footwear, and kids' costumes for playful dressing up.  

Among the most exciting news is a rich calendar of events and offerings - fashion shows, showcases, performances, and special participations - that will liven up the preview of fashion collections for the upcoming summer.
_ The Miniconf fashion show
On June 21 at 5 PM, Miniconf, celebrating its 50th anniversary, will present the new SS24 collections of the brands iDO, Sarabanda, Superga Kidswear, and Ducati at the Sala Della Ronda. Also, a special project will be showcased: six shirts created by Polimoda students in support of the foundation of the Pediatric Hospital Meyer, available for purchase online. The entire proceeds will be donated to the Meyer Hospital. 

_FUN&FUN: the new collection and... 
The Catapano Group's brand chooses the stage of Pitti Bimbo to present the new collection within an ample exhibition space and with a dedicated event.

_ Petite Parade: the new Apartment and The Kid's Lab format!
A new format is born with this edition of Pitti Bimbo: visitors, press, and influencers will be able to observe the outfits worn in a playful moment.
Among the brand already confirmed: I haven't the foggiest, Infantium Victoria, Kombinizona, Poupette St Barth, Raspberryplum, Suncracy.

The German sustainable fashion brand, one of the protagonists of Apartment, presents "Storytime with Infantium Victoria," a series of readings from the new children's book written by the brand's creative director, Dinie van den Heuvel. The voice will be that of Isabella Munera (Wednesday, June 21, at 4:30 PM; Thursday, June 22, at 1:00 PM; Friday, June 23, at 12:00 PM).

The NEW NAMES and returns at Pitti Bimbo include:
A' La Page, Atelier Molayem Kids, Babywalker, Balloon Chic, Bardot Junior, Bebetto, Billy Loves Audrey, Clementina Baby,  Cóndor, Cute Cute, Dgenz, Dl1961 Premium Denim, Ego Essential, Eirene, Escada, Fia, Fina Ejerique, Flying Ace, Folpetto Swimwear, Gioseppo Kids, Gnomo Magic Factory, House of Artists, I Haven't the Foggiest, Island Coco, Jesurum Baby, Junona, Lalalu', Lotto, Koku Factory, Lapin House, LàTara, Le Temps des Cerises, Marlo Kids, Michelle Kids Georgia, Millow, Mini Cools, My Memi, Momset, Mousse Kids, Mourénne, Mummymoon, Nessi Byrd, Oseree Swimwear, Pan Costumes, Pellianni, Piccoli Principi Swimwear, Poca & Poca, Poupee, Poupette St Bath, Risu Risu, Roarsome, Rosajou, Shade Critters, The Middle Daughter, Wooxy, Yatsi.