Here comes "Smart Kids"
Fashion that loves to mix
Edition 96
In January, the 100% Bambino section will expand with "Smart Kids": a new project within the Ghiaia Pavilion that will feature a unique selection of collections combining sportswear and street-style. Because there is a modern, nonconformist, fast-moving, unbeatable world sitting at the intersection between classical and experimental, tradition and revolution. Here we find the 100% Bambino brands that have taken in words like urban, street-style, high-tech, sportswear, outdoor, and indoor and integrated them into a different culture, not afraid of the new and not afraid to mix. This perspective is close to the world of children because it is spontaneous and effortless but has powerful and solid content.
"Smart Kids" is synonymous with anti-cold comfort with pieces from Canadiens, Fracomina, Mou, Perry Ellis America Kids, and Quapi.
Then there will be iconic garments by Bikkembergs, Top Gun, Ed Hardy, and Messi, and sportswear by Freddy and Gaudi.
In addition, there will be room for the experimentation of Rossignol, Butnot, Flower Mountain for Naturino, and Nicole Miller Kids...
the more elegant offerings by iAMe and Levv, the creative ones from Raizzed and Vingino...
And again Dirkje, DJ Dutchjeans, Koko Noko, Pony, Suns Board and Superga Kidswear.