Around Kids:
Lois Moreno
Edition 96
A photographer focusing on women's and children's fashion, as well as lifestyle and food – thanks to her husband Arnaud, who is a pastry chef – Lois Moreno describes herself as "in perpetual evolution and learning.... trying to get carried away by life's surprises." With her family of three children, Zoé, 14, Hugo, 9, and Simon, 7, Lois decided to move to the countryside five years ago to be surrounded by nature, cats, chickens, and a rabbit.
Has the arrival of your children changed the way you dress and your style?

Yes, it certainly has. Slowly, I stopped wearing high heels, short skirts, and tight dresses, prioritizing more comfortable and practical clothing.
When it comes to shopping for yourself and them, how do you do it?

I am not a big fan of consumerism.
I prefer purchases that are necessary and second-hand or from small brands.
What does your home look like? What about your children's bedrooms?

We live in the countryside in a big house we renovated ourselves.
I'm a fan of antiques, and I like houses that have been lived in. Our kitchen is the most important room in the house.

Zoé has her own bedroom with a bed on a lofted floor. The boys sleep together while my husband works on building a loft for them too!
When it comes to traveling and going out, how do you organize yourself?

The children have grown up now. As far as suitcases and other little things are concerned, they do it themselves.