Around Kids #5:
Natela Potskhveriya
Edition 92
Today we go to Russia and we meet with Natela Potskhveriya

Fashion journalist, Editor-in-chief of fashion supplements “Kommersant. Style”, freelance contributor of Vogue. LINKEDIN

Natela has 2 daughters and she is very much into sustainability when she buys for her daughters  but for special occasions, traditional Georgian ateliers are a must!

Do you choose clothes for your kid?
Yes, and enjoy choosing clothes for kids more than ones for myself. 

Which are the top 3 colors your child likes to wear?
For the elder daughter it’s everything pink, white or light blue and with glitter. The more princess-like the better.  But I am fine with that for now, because she is only 4. It’s better to be princess at 4, than at 24. The younger one is less picky. She likes everything with rabbits and dogs. 

What are you looking at when buying clothing for your child/children?
It depends. If I am searching for some outfit for a special occasion, then definitely design, but usually comfort is priority. Also I am not very much after really expensive garments, because sometimes kids grow faster than can wear something more than twice. 

Do you follow current fashion trends for your kid?
To be honest, I don’t follow design trends, but I am very much into sustainability. I love searching for some indie brands and clothes made of  natural textile and eco-fabrics 

Which brand do you prefer, if any?
For special occasions we always choose Georgian atelier of traditional clothes Samoseli Pirveli. I love what Stella McCartney does for kids, also Louis Louise, Nununu, Mini Rodini, Petit Bateau, Tiny Cottons and some small start-up Georgian brands like Spilow, Rko kids and others. And H&M Conscious collection for kids is a must for me.