Around Kids #4:
Virgil Nicholas Denmark
Edition 92
Today we go to Denmark and meet with Virgil Nicholas

Founder and owner of shoe brand Vinny's


Vinny, a 2 and a half years boy, has a wardrobe of which Virgil, his father, is envious of!  It is a great mix of homemade knits, vintage findings and daycare-friendly pieces.

How do you normally shop for your kids? Occasionally? Very Often? Mostly online or in shops? 
It’s a combination. I do like the idea of buying clothes for my son in physical stores but the choices for a varied offering are hard to find around Copenhagen, so I more than often find myself online. Kids grow fast, so we are fairly aware of what Vinny's wardrobe needs but as with our own, we do not shop outrageously for our son.
And when? At the beginning of the season or every now and then? 
It’s every now and then for me. A combination of actual needs depending on the season but mostly based on impulsive findings.
Do you listen to your child and how much is he/she involved in the process of choosing? 
Vinny is only 2 and a half years old. We make the calls for him.
Which are the top 3 colors your child likes to wear? 
Midnight blues, khakis and an equal split between rusty reds and olive green.
What are you looking at when buying clothing for your child/children? 
Good fit, durability, and responsible production.
Do you follow current fashion trends for your kid? 
No, we keep it fairly simple and easy. However it’s always fun to put together a wardrobe that you can mirror yourself in or even get envious of. His wardrobe is a great mix of homemade knits, vintage findings and obviously daycare-friendly pieces, so it’s more about adapting purchases to that.
Which brand do you prefer, if any? 
I don’t have one actually. I like VINNY’s for kids!