AROUND KIDS #1 - KOREA Seung-min, Jung
Edition 92
AroundKids is a project that travels between various continents to meet with different people linked to culture, lifestyle, food and more. How do they relate to shopping for their children? How fashion trends are important to them?
Seung-min, Jung
Owner of TRVR Brand, Café, Creative agency in Seoul, Korea
1. How do you normally shop for your kids? Occasionally? Very Often? Mostly online or in shops?
I tend to shop for my child’s clothes more than for myself. Children grow fast, yesterday’s clothes may not fit today so I tend to buy new clothes often. In case of myself, I prefer to try it on offline then purchase it but in case of children, maybe because of the universal body type, I have never failed purchasing online. It is difficult to touch the material and select, but after the COVID-19 period started, purchasing clothes offline became reluctant.
2. And when? At the beginning of the season or every now and then?
The shopping term regardless of the season is probably around 2~3 times a month. No, maybe more than that. 
3. Do you listen to your child and how much is heshe involved in the process of choosing?
My daughter is 48 months old. If we used to purchase the clothes according to the parent’s preference, now I ask my daughter’s opinion along with the parents will. I don’t force my liking and tend to respect my daughter’s opinion for color, material, outfit and so on. 
4. Which are the top 3 colors your child likes to wear?
Baby pink, Lavender, Cream white 
5. What are you looking at when buying clothing for your child/children?
The time of staying home became longer due to the COVID-19. Since these days my child wears only innerwear at home, the priority thing I think of is the material. Material touching the skin directly is the first, next is color and pattern. In general, when purchasing an outer along with material I tend to ask my child’s taste and whether if it’s a rational price also takes a big part. As mentioned above children grow fast so it is hard to wear clothes for a long time. Which is why rational price taking a great part in purchasing it. 
6. Do you follow current fashion trends for your kid?
Instead of the newest fashion trend, we tend to follow our(parent’s) liking then our child’s liking. 

7. Which brand do you prefer, if any?
I don’t have a specific brand I prefer. I prefer clothes that is devoted to the material and the basic without showing the brand so much regardless of the trend.