21 - 23 February 2021


Brand Profile

Wheat was founded in 2002 in Denmark by Charlotte and Peter Galsgaard With her clean lines, light color combinations and original patterns, Wheatís chief designer Charlotte eloquently carries on the Scandinavian design tradition. For Charlotte, children have always been her focus. Having raised three children of her own, she understands the special demands of children'sí wear. Each garment is therefore tailored for a childís wear and tear. The use of natural fabrics and adjustable elastic waists ensures the childís well-being and freedom of movement. When wearing Wheat, children embody the relaxed Scandinavian lifestyle of quality and comfort. Wheatís strong design philosophy, together with Charlotteís desire to interact closely with both manufacturers and consumers, has paved the way for a well-organized, successful company that continues to grow season after season.
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