21 - 23 February 2021

Walking Mum

Brand Profile

Walking Mum is a young brand of Changing bags and accessories created by Pasito a pasito 6 years ago.

The modern, urban and casual style of Walking Mum seduced parents right from the launch of the brand and now Pasito a pasito’s little sister is quickly catching up!

Made for parents who want to keep moving around with their baby, Walking Mum concentrates what matters for them: the bags are practical, their design is very fashionable, the quality is superb and the prices are just right!

Made with the best materials, Walking Mum changing bags will withstand the frenzy of modern life and the matching useful accessories which are available will make everything much easier.

Walking Mum also produces a range of great footmuffs that fit any pushchair, so that baby is well prepared against cold or hot weather when going out for a a stroll.

Walking Mum is also a perfect Social Media object, the great look of our products makes them very instagramable, therefore increasing greatly the popularity of the brand and growing consumers requests.

Sold in 25 countries worlwide, Walking Mum is a great opportunity for buyers to test a fantastic new brand that will delight their customers!


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