21 - 23 February 2021


Turtl began on a family holiday to Turkey when my wife, 1 yr old daughter Mila & I visited Turtle Beach. What we saw here shocked us, many loggerhead & green turtles injured by fishing hooks, nets, & plastic ingestion. I decided then to use my experience in the footwear industry to create a brand dedicated to stop plastics polluting our oceans & help charities committed to protecting sea turtles. Our first product, socks in a shell, was developed to solve a problem. I couldn’t find footwear for my daughter that was easy to put on & stay on. We needed a pair of shoes that were versatile, flexible, for indoors & out and importantly were splash-proof. Myself & the team have developed exactly that; they’re easy to care for & slip-resistant for peace of mind. When Mila tested our first pair, she honestly loved them so much, she cried when we tried to take them off. I also wanted to give back to the cause. By making a conscious product, we are able to generate a profit which we'll use in two ways: re-invest in more conscious products and donate a percentage of profits to charities that help clean up our oceans and generally make the world a better place.

Jonathan Cohen, founder.


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