21 - 23 February 2021


Brand Profile

Naforye was introduced in 1996. The name Naforye came from the French word “Naissance” and the idea of “for young parents”, to represent the spirit of creating and developing baby products for young parents. Naforye’s first product was created as our first baby was born in 1996. Because of love, the mother with design background designed the first hand-made prototype to solve problems that she experienced while raising the child.
During this 22 year, Naforye has created multiple patent products, and our products have all passed the standard testes.  Creating safe, unique and practical baby products has always been Naforye’s first priority. With the improved manufacturing technology, making the price more affordable in today’s market, we have seen many satisfied customers; the smiles on the customers also inspired us to keep on pushing ourselves to become even better.
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