21 - 23 February 2021


Brand Profile

Minimonkey is a Dutch brand, based in Amsterdam. Since 2007, Minimonkey has had a global focus on the development, production and sale of innovative baby products, with distribution partners in over 35 countries.

About me
When our first daughter was born in 2005, I suddenly found myself inundated by a variety of baby products. Some of them were not easy or pleasant to use, or the product I was looking for simply didn’t exist. It became my mission to make life for parents and children easier and more fun by creating innovative solutions. I quit my job at the bank, and started Minimonkey. The success of my first product, the now-classic Sling 4-in-1, motivated me to continue along this great path I had chosen. I think the secret to this lies in doing something you love. I still run Minimonkey on my own, without anyone else on the payroll, and the idea of not having to play ‘boss’ all day long gives me a sense of freedom. I believe in the modern approach to working with people and organisations where everyone does what they are good at, and what makes them happy. It means continuing to build on something great for yourself and one another.

The challenge for me is always to launch a product on the market that doesn’t exist, and which makes things for parents and children a little bit easier. Developing a product is often accompanied by months of frustration, and every now and then a ‘Eureka!’ moment. Fortunately, there are also products that I have managed to get onto the shelves in no time. The Minichair is a good example of this. The idea came to me one morning out of nowhere. Within a week, I had a sample that was so good that the product could go into production immediately. The Minichair is now our bestseller worldwide.


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