21 - 23 February 2021


Brand Profile

The Invicta Brand was born in 1906 as bags and seafaring sacks supplier destinated to sail across the seas all over the world on board of the first clippers transporting the marineers' equipment along their sails. In 1921 the brand has been acquired by a Turin based craftsman producing backpacks and accessories for another brave explorers' category: the first mountaneers.

Straight after having conquered the highest mountain tops, starting from the '70s Invicta backpack became an everyday use item thanks to new material, colours and shapes suitable for the urban environment. In the '80s Invicta, thanks to the Jolly backpack, became an entire younger generations' icon, a real social and fashion trend. The Jolly backpack has been able to bring the functionalities and features of a technical backpack to the urban field.

Invicta has always been a movement and freedom icon with its performing and appealing products. The brand has reached the highest and always updated quality standard, offering a variety of items suitable for every single occasion: either you are using a motorbike, travelling around the world, walking throught out the city or in the mountains. Invicta has always the right product at the right moment.


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