21 - 23 February 2021


Brand Profile

In 1990 Conguitos was born, launching his first collection of children's footwear under the philosophy that would soon make them known all over the world: comfort and style. Products developed with dedication, sense of responsibility and commitment to ensure adequate growth. Not letting go of their philosophy Conguitos would soon increase their collections with  new brands: Fresa by Conguitos (a line for junior girls with a fashion twist, with collections that follow the current trends), Osito by Conguitos (born with the purpose of fitting the feet of new-borns and covering the first steps in a safe and total confidence way) , GoFlex (ensures a flexible system, anti-torsional power and shock absorption), Wash Me by Conguitos (washable leather shoes with removable anti-bacterial insole, which contributes to improve the protection of the foot by cushioning the step) and Tecnobaby (a line that promotes the natural learning of children and helps them feel safe when they start walking). Finally, after 20 year's experience in children's footwear, Conguitos launch their first childrenwear collection, with a sleection of unique pieces designed and manufactured in Spain with top quality materials.


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