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Around Kids:
Tainá Guedes
Edition 94
Back to travelling and back with Around Kids!
We land in Germany to meet with chef, artist, food activist, and curator Tainá Guedes
Instagram: @tataisgram @foodartweek @entretempokitchengallery 

Tainá  brings food, art, and sustainability together.
She is  against food waste and she likes cooking with bread, awarded with the dm-UNESCO Prize for Engagement.

How do you normally shop for your kids? Occasionally? Very Often? Mostly online or in shops?
I try to be as more conscious and mindful as possible. And for my son "less is more" (Niji doesn't like to have too many clothes in his wardrobe). When he needs something, I look at second hand shops, and use to get clothes from friends. Organic wool and shoes I always buy new at Lila Lämmchen. IG: lilalaemmchen_shop
Nowadays I buy online for two reasons: the stores are closed due to covid19, and I am pregnant close to my delivery date.

And when? At the beginning of the season or every now and then?
My son likes to choose his clothes, shoes and fashion accessories, so I always ask him if he needs something.

Do you listen to your child and how much is heshe involved in the process of choosing?
Yes, always. My son since a very early age just wears what he wants. So after some frustrating experiences buying things that he never used, I accepted that he needs to be involved in the process of purchasing items for himself.
Which are the top 3 colors your child likes to wear?
Blue, Blue striped with red or white, all different kind of blue

What are you looking at when buying clothing for your child/children?
1. How sustainable the brand is;
2. Organic quality with good prices;
3. Where is produced

Do you follow current fashion trends for your kid?
My son is always introducing me, or showing me new things. He has a very good taste (in fashion and food), and is very curious. Sometimes I end up staying with stuff that he originally wanted, but in the end didn't use, as for example a backpack from Modulor and a paper waterproof bum bag. 

Which brand do you prefer, if any?
Engel, Disana, Alana, Birkenstock
Photo  credit to John Brömstrup/ Ostwesting Agency
IG @ostwesting